About Me

Currently attending UCF’s Data Analytics and Visualization Boot Camp, I am actively growing my knowledge in ETL, Big Data Management, and Web Development with use of Python, SQL, MongoDB, Splinter, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript with future lessons in R, Hadoop, Spark, Leaflet.js, and Tableau. My expected completion of the boot camp is in July 2019.

I have an immense desire to learn and grow and have a passion for data analysis and DevOps. I cannot wait for the opportunity to start working for a great company in an I.T. role.

A graduate of the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, I have work experience in online retail sales for a small, entrepreneurial start-up, mortgage and legal experience from my time at a real-estate law firm, and most recently sales and customer service experience from my time as a Staffing Manager.

I plan on leveraging my past experience in operations, sales, and administration to become a vital role for my future employer. I have a drive to succeed beyond expectations and dive head-first into my role, becoming a subject matter expert in any field I work.

Please take time to look at the projects I have worked on over the past several months as part of the boot camp. Some projects have been completed, but I repeatedly go back and apply my new, learned skills to update the previous assignments and bring a more dynamic view.